DigMyPics Review From SACRAMENTO - Good Vibes and Good Results

digmypics has easy instructions on how to package and ship originals including some hints ( e.i. -old wax paper boxes for slides), had great communication about the receipt of my order and provided an easy link to check on the status at any time. I appreciated the ability to delete from the order those slides that I opted not to do after being able to view them in the preview. Once finished (about three weeks), I received the originals and my option of a thumb drive within two days. Groups of pics were in the same order and bundles that they were sent which helped in labeling the soft copies. The color and sharpness of the results seem to be slightly better than the final product from a previous service. I did not do any editing of the preview pictures as the face enhancer seemed to freeze and I usually edit softcopy on my laptop. digmypics sent a follow up communication with a reminder to back-up files to an additional storage area. I felt I was a valued customer throughout the process.

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