DigMyPics Review From Ventura CA - Satisfied Returning Customer

I am a returning DigMyPics customer. My first order a few months back was for digitizing +1,000 35mm slides from the 1950s-60s. Most recently I digitized 67 reels (+4,000 feet) of 8mm film from the 1960s. In short, their technology is amazing with high-resolution scanning for both static and motion media. My 8mm film was scanned at 1920 x 1080 pixels @ 17.00 fps (no recorded sound back then). My 35mm slides were scanned at 5007 x 3392 pixels (3200 dpi) with file sizes usually +10 MB in size. Staff took great care in returning the slides in the same groupings that they were received, and scan files were grouped into folders and named accordingly. They also returned each of the film reels in its cartons/cannisters (along with handwritten notes) and transferred all the film (with my permission) onto large archival reels for storing. The DVD set I ordered included five (5) discs and each movie file was named with a relevant title (I’m guessing they took that information off of each film reel’s handwritten notes). When a DVD is placed into a player, it opens to a multipage menu with chapters and motion thumbnails of each movie file. Their download interface is easy and clean. For still images, they offer an artificial intelligence (A.I.) filter to enhance images. It doesn't work great all the time (best used with faces), but when it does work well, the results are stunning. Old media is returned after digitizing; it is sorted and packed neatly, and accompanies any new media ordered. I have used other digitizing companies in the past. I am sticking with DigMyPics and give them a big 5-star thumbs-up rating for all your digital media needs and for the care they show throughout the process.

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