DigMyPics Review From Arlington Heights, IL - Excellent service with excellent results

Months before I even sent in my order, DigMyPics answered my e-mail queries promptly and helpfully. I (finally) sent in my 35mm negatives with the usual anxieties: Will they get lost? Will they be okay? (Of course, they didn't and they were.) I sent over 3,000 negatives to DigMyPics. They paid attention to my special requests, addressed my concerns, and corrected a few small boo-boos. (I sent some extra negatives in a second shipment. DigMyPics happily merged the new scans with the existing order.) In the end, I've got 3,000 scans on 20-ish DVDs, two beautiful thumbnail albums, and all my negatives back. I'm recommending DigMyPics to everyone I know with scanning needs.

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