DigMyPics Review From Lafayette - Receipt of order Order #1226503

I sent you 7 items of 35mm slides for processing on 12/23/22. These were shot over a 22 year period using Kodachrome 25 film, chosen for it's deep, rich colors and high resolution. As I waited in the que, I became concerned that your processing would possibly not show the same color balance or sharpness of the Kodachrome. However, when they arrived yesterday, I was quite impressed. The color was good and the resolution outstanding. I have additionally enhanced several of the images, slightly increasing the color saturation and midrange contrast in Photoshop to add more 'snap', but the overall results are outstanding. I appreciated your keeping me informed as my job went through the que during the long holiday season, and into the Real Time Scanning System. You did a great job. Many thanks for your excellent work!

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