DigMyPics Review From Carmichael - Super 8 Film To DVD Transmogrification

So much of my youth and late teens was spent involved in "film making"... Not just "home movies", but friends and I would conceive, write scripts, construct sets, acquire costumes and props, and utilizing such influences as Welles, Kubrick, Wood Jr. Coscarelli, Serling, Monty Python, Star Trek, Lost In Space, and Bob Wilkins, we would embark on numerous projects... We even hosted our own film festivals! All but one of those films has survived (this one was actually a college project in a genuine film making class circa '81/'82)... The other films' sprockets succumbed to the sharp teeth of the projector's "guidance system" and were destroyed... Plus, when "film" was going the way of the dinosaurs, that really GREAT splice tape I used to buy disappeared, as well... DIGMyPICS has masterfully restored that last surviving "celluloid masterpiece" in order for us to submit it to the pending "Sundance" & "Cannes" Film Festivals (or at least as a "short" for Creature Features)! Mr. Wilkins' spirit, Mr. Stanley, and Mr. Redford will, no doubt, be impressed!! A+, DIGMyPICS... Kudos, Bravo, Excelsior!!!

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