DigMyPics Review From Manhattan - Strongest Possible Endorsement of Digmypics

While haven't viewed every minute of the 592 gigs of the videos Digmypics made for me, I am thrilled by the team's work. The thumbnailsof all 159 recordings I sent to be digitized have come back with the dates I had assigned to them- and they can be furthered renamed beyond the date. The quality of the digitized transfers is simply superb. The files I have watched are just terrific. The propriety algorithm Digmypics used to characterize what every 5 minutes of tape seemed to contain is ingenious and breathtaking. My original videos were returned to me undamaged and as securely packed as I sent them out originally. The staff answered all my questions promptly and clearly. The whole effort took 1 month from initial mailing to the tapes return to me. I now look forward to having Digmypcs digitize my Super 8mm sound and 8mm silent film, once I have made all the back-ups and copies of the 159 digitized tapes, my family and friends are asking for. You can't go wrong with Digmypics!

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