DigMyPics Review From West Roxbury MA - Gina's Testimonial for Services Rendered

I engaged the services of DigMyPics to help me create an audio (cassettes) - visual (photos, slides, negatives and Beta-Max videos) memorial presentation in honor of my recently deceased brother. I am writing to let you know that I am so happy about selecting DigMyPic to do the work. Everybody with whom I spoke at DigMyPics, even if only briefly, during the work process were great representatives of the professionalism of your company. Of particular note, those to be specifically praised are Kyle, my assigned point-of-contact, and Kris, with whom I connected at the very beginning of this project even before I hired DigMyPics. They both were patiently helpful when answering my numerous questions about the digitizing process and costs for the various packages versus ordering a la carte. For those trying to find a company for their projects, it is well worth the effort to read the detailed website which describes virtually everything a customer needs to know before making the final decision about which company will be sent their precious memories for digital preservation. Given the thorough description of services on the DigMyPics website, the info might be confusing initially especially for those, such as I, who have little experience with photography, slides, negatives, or audio-visual material as well as the language used to describe technical terms relevant to each medium. Rest assured; any confusions you might have will be cleared as they were for me. After having more than one tutorial session with Kyle, I became confident in my understanding of the overall process along with the costs associated with preserving my memories contained in the photos, slides, negatives, audio cassettes, and videos. Kyle was a great teacher. Consequently, I felt very confident that my making the contractual commitment to DigMyPics was absolutely the right thing to do. A great offering by DigMyPics is that of allowing customers to review the final product of the digitizing process before giving approval for DigMyPics to send everything back. When I saw the digital pictures that was generated from the collection of photos, slides, negatives and videos, I am more than impressed with the work product. The techs performed magic by making the digitized results look far superior to the original materials I had submitted. They brought new life to the old photos, slides, and negatives that are 65 through 70 years old. In addition, the results from digitizing the BetaMax videos were a bonus and a delightful surprise. I was not able to pre-view the videos' content before sending them to DigMyPics because I did not have a BetaMax recorder with which to watch them. I took a risk to have the videos digitized and am so glad I did. To my surprise they were very viewable and incredibly enjoyable to watch. I am so happy that all who worked on my project were able to breathe new life into all these dinosaurs. All I can say is, "Thank you, very much." I strongly encourage those who have a digitizing project to hire DigMyPics. I am more than sure that you will be pleased with the results generated by DigMyPics for you.

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