DigMyPics Review From Honolulu - Home Movies from the 50s & 60s

I sent two big boxes to ANOTHER company who has a 'legacy' reputation in this business. My excitement quickly dissipated into months of delays, repeated empty email statuses and DAILY marketing emails to send them more content. When I received the digitized material back -the files were the length of the tape and had over an hours of dead footage. When I tried to edit the footage into DaVinci Resolve or other video editors- the quality was so poor it could not be read. Hundreds of dollars spent and very little satisfaction. THEN I SENT 37 TAPES TO MEMORY BOX/ DIG MY PICS! They gave me realistic estimate based on the quantity- AND DELIVERED EARLY! All files are CONTENT FILLED with ZERO BLANK SPACE, AND ALL THE FOOTAGE IS EDITABLE IN VIDEO EDITORS. The difference between the first legacy company and DIGMYPICs is Night and Day! I know have to re-digitize all the first content with DigMyPics- THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. BTW- I rarely write reviews- but these guys were superb! THANK YOU!

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