DigMyPics Review From Seattle - Kudos to Digmypics for superlative service!

I am a cautious Kate about letting precious belongings like family slides out of my hands so I was very careful to vet a tried and true company to scan them in preparation for a recent project. For starters, I was very impressed by Digmypics's website - clear, easy to navigate, thorough, professional and with great testimonials. Digmypics has been top notch all the way through the process. Offering helpful, patient and kind customer service when I had questions, communicating next steps throughout the process without prompting and following up to ensure satisfaction after the project, Digmypics exemplifies the very best in customer service. They are a well-oiled machine! In addition, they kindly held off on sending back my slides and finished products until I was back home from a trip, ready to receive them. From start to finish, they have been a snap and pleasure to work with. Wish all companies were as conscientious and committed! Prices are great and how nice is their "Don't Want Don't Pay" TM offer. All my future work will go to Digmypics and I have already recommended them to others. Very best wishes to all staff at Digmypics. Thanks a million for being such a reliable and trustworthy company. Priceless in my book!

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