DigMyPics Review From Washington, DC - Quality

I have received DigMyPics' digitalized conversion of my 35mm slides, and must say that I am less than impressed with the quality of the product. On your website, you go into great detail demonstrating the time and effort you put into the scanning process, providing "examples" of how you are able to correct many of the defects of slide aging, and showing several impressive examples of the digitalization of customers' slides. For my slides, I find little evidence of any quality improvement -much less quality control- and have had to spend many hours editing your digitalized product, repairing gross lighting and tint problems, among others. I know that there are several choices available to consumers in selecting a company to digitalize their slides and photos. I chose DigMyPics, at somewhat of a cost premium, because I believed that the quality you promised was worth it. Unfortunately, that quality was missing in the product I received. Thank you for your attention to my concerns. Gary LeClercq

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