DigMyPics Review From Las Vegas - 8mm reel

When my 89 yr.old mom, gave me this reel. I looked at the date on the box. It showed 1956-1962. Well, I thought, why not. I should be in it at least the last 2 yrs. So, I looked into Memory Box. Emailed back and forth a couple times. And decided to go with them. Very easy. They send the box, you feel it and send back. They let you know it’s been received. And the process will start. Then when you think, hum what’s going on with my order. You receive an email saying they have some(my case) 8mm reel done. And what a treat to see!!! Where my parents lived. Trips they took, San Francisco, film of the Golden Gate Bridge, Hearst Castle. They/we are from No.CA. And I had no idea I went to Disneyland as a baby! Thank you MemoryBox for bringing this reel to life. I told my mom about parts in it. And it was nice to hear the back story and hear her laugh. Well, worth the investment. No need to hesitate. Thank you??

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