DigMyPics Review From BLACKSBURG, VA - Digital Prints from old 2X2 slides

Having retired several years ago, and then finding some timely and memorable old 2X2 slides recently, I wanted to have them digitized so I could pass pictures to colleagues and to make prints. This was my first time working with digmypics, but BOY, was I pleased. The website is well organized and informative - selection of what one wants to do is very self-explanatory. The staff was very helpful and friendly, and the outcome was great. Some of the slides were ~50 years old and the digitized version make them new again!!! A great suggestion was "My Photo Album" - a "hold in your hand booklet," which I have used many times to quickly find the picture(s) I wanted. Obviously, if I need to digitize old slides in the future, digmypics will be the company I will go to for the job.

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