DigMyPics Review From TROMSOE, Norway - Sent all my slides from Norway

I have a substantial collection of slides, but I have gone all digital in recent years. The fear of losing my original slides with no digital back-up made me search the internet; I have a slide scanner myself but with 5000 slides the task was just not feasable. DigMyPics certainly seemed like the most professional service available, and when one looks into time spent by doing it oneself, the price is definitely reasonable. Of course I dreaded sending slides in the mail. I divided my pictures into four different batches, so not to loose it all in case something went wrong. Luckily everything got there and back in one piece (although I taped my trays shut after the first batch having been ripped partly open and one slide tray had partially opened and two slides fallen out - but they had both stuck to the amount of tape I had used in the outer wrapping..)Be paranoid when wrapping! I had four boxes returned to me as four different shippings, and one of these were actually stopped in Norwegian custom and charged for the value of the work performed. This was rather a substantial amount (VAT is more than 20% of cost..), and I was VERY happy the other three batches were NOT stopped in Custom when I realised they can actually charge you for having bought services abroad.. Looking through the scanned slides and thumbnail books was like Christmas eve. The quality of the scanning was very good - when slides aren't all that sharp, I actually think it's the quality of my original slides that are a bit grainy. Feedback from DigMyPics was always quick and to the point. I had DigMyPics return my pictures after I had received the digital version, and then I risked the cheapest overland version of US Parcel mail - you can check their price lists for what the return should cost (I disagreed on the charge from DigMyPics on this and they reduced the charge.) I am very happy to have everything on digital media with security copies stored elsewhere. Thumbnailbooks are a "MUST" for quick reference.

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