DigMyPics Review From Lafayette Hill, PA - Incredible Job... even better service

I recently used the digmypics memory box service. I sent in a bunch of old 8mm reels that were between 50 and 60 years old and my 30 year old wedding video on VHS (which was in terrible condition). Sending in the media couldn't have been easier. A box arrived with all of the packing material I needed, a shipping label and detailed instructions. Once digmypics received my box, I got a confirmation email. I also received periodic updates throughout the process. As they made progress, I was able to view proofs of the 8mm film. They also provided downloadable video that I was able to use while I was waiting for my DVDs to arrive. They must have done something to enhance the video, because I was able to watch all of the converted video on my large screen TV and did not encounter the graininess I was expecting. The quality was better than I remember. I am not sure I could be any happier with the service and results. I have more old 8mm reels and video tape to convert. I also have hundreds of old slides. I just ordered two more extra large memory boxes. I can't comment on their slide conversion yet, but for 8mm and vhs, I would recommend this service without reservation.

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