DigMyPics Review From Everett, WA - Outstanding work!

I have a good bit of experience in scanning of film; in a previous job (think big green blimp) I managed the development of the first national consumer film/photo digitization at national retailers. I'm keenly aware of the challenges of consistent quality scans at scale. With my personal items, I have used other services, including those who purchased the branding from now defunct companies. The work done by Digmypics is outstanding. Outstanding clarity on what work will be performed, timely updates to the status of the job, etc. And the online viewing of work is amazing. As for the scans themselves I couldn't be more impressed. I have sent 8mm and other films out for scanning to other services, and have often had the work re-done due to poor color balance/saturation, dirt or jumping of the images due to film gate issues. Not with this service. Every video file I received was of outstanding quality. Thank you so much for preserving my quickly fading memories for generations to come.

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