DigMyPics Review From East Lansing, MI - Slides to scans

Over the years, while my children grew up we took slides instead of photos because we considered slides to be the best way to preserve those precious moments. I planned to sort our many slides and have them scanned and put into a video. When the time came, I sorted the slides, researched the best scanning services, and chose Digmypics. They were very receptive to all my questions and their procedures appealed to me. Their form made it easy to organize the way I wanted to see the slides put into the video. One of their procedures is to have a first pass through, were I was able to see the scanned photos and delete those photos that were duplicates or were too damaged because of the years that they sat in the carousels. At first I had too many slides which would make the video too long, I went through the slides again and was able to delete several scans. In the end, I'm happy with the video and the music that they chose for me. I think one word of advise is to find out how many slides it takes to be a good amount of time for your video or you may want to have two videos.

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