DigMyPics Review From New Braunfels, TX - APS Film converted!

On 10/14 I filled out the online order information and mailed nine APS film canisters in to be converted to digital. I printed a label and mailed it in USPS. I received an email on 11/4 saying my order was complete and I was able to download all my images. Then on 11/10 I received all the canisters back as well as the USB device I had ordered. They communicated throughout the process also letting me know my film was received and processing and shipping updates. I originally submitted 215 images and decided I didn’t want 9 of the images as they were accidental pics or just poor pictures to begin with. They did not charge for those. I could not be happier. The pics look great. Communication was excellent. I feel like the whole process was super fast. I have other images, negatives, I had previously sent to another company and I still don’t have those back. If I decide to do anything further with other film and media I will probably use digmypics again. The only thing I would add is I didn’t realize I would have the opportunity to download the images making the USB device really not necessary. Nice to have a backup but I probably could have created that myself. Just something to know if you decide to use the service.

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