DigMyPics Review From Vienna - Great Job - Complex Large Order – Wonderful Results

My digmypics submission consisted of two orders totaling nearly 5000 items (35mm, medium, large, and non-standard format, and archive prints). Fortunately, the small order (approximately 100 items) was processed first, giving me practice in reviewing the online digitized pictures, including enlarging portions to ensure they were sharp, and deleting unwanted scans. The online system was easy and very effective, and a few days later, I received the flash drive. When the large file was available (nearly 100 pages), the review went quickly. (Large Order: 922381; Small Order 923718). The digmypics staff quickly responded to my queries, the online system was top-notch, and the digitalized results were wonderful. I would certainly use this service in the future, and recommend them highly.

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