DigMyPics Review From Santa Rosa - The Positives About Old San Diego Comic-Con Negatives

This was the second project that Dig My Pics has done for me. Against a friend's opinion that it would be risky to send my irreplaceable negatives through the mail, (I sent them well-protected via Priority Mail) I collected seven year's worth of negatives and turned them over to the magicians at Dig My Pics. Most of the shots I had never seen larger than the 4x6 prints that you get when you have your film developed, and I used 1000 ISO film, indoors with no flash for a lot of them. While I can't undo the mistake of not using flash, the technicians produced images that would make fine 8x10 enlargements or better, and I am able to go in now and Photoshop out scratches on the negatives from my old camera that sometimes tried to eat my film for breakfast.My photos look great on my large HD television, and are now worthy of sharing with my friends. I can't wait to send them my remaining four years of negatives from Comic-Con (before I went digital), where my photography skills improved greatly and I started using flash with 100 ISO film. I knew that if National Geographic recommended Dig My Pics that they would not Disappoint, and they have not!

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