DigMyPics Review From Lakewood, OH -

Last month, I selected DigMyPics (DMP) as my vendor of choice for scanning hundreds of family photos. I did considerable research via the internet before entrusting my old photos to a vendor. I liked the processes outlined by DMP. I liked the people. I liked the equipment. DMP ensured the care and quality output of my family photos that any customer would expect. DMP did an excellent job in scanning my photos and slides--- a million times better than I could have gotten from a scanner in my home office. In viewing the finished scans on CD, I can tell you that color accuracy was right on the mark, crops were done exactly as requested, special notations were followed, and every photo was accounted for. CD and DVD were set up as requested, for both Mac and PC. I understand any fears you may have regarding entrusting your photos to a vendor. I had the same ones. My ancestors came to the United States in the 1790s. I have photos of ancestors, taken when photography first came into being. I have photos of grandfathers who were Civil War veterans. I have no dupes of any of these photos. I was not going to send these photos off to any company that I had any doubts about. To date, DMP scanned nearly 400 old family photos for me. I am so pleased with their work, that I continue to send additional projects. DMP runs a well organized shop. They are very service minded. Your job will not get sucked into some vortex with no communication from DMP staff. I am sure that when or if you ship your photos off, you will use a reliable carrier that provides a tracking number. I have had much success with UPS and the US Post Office. I’ve shipped many prints and super 8MM films out over the past 8 weeks, with every item accounted for. I don’t know what shipping risks increase with the holiday rush, but so far I’ve had 100% satisfaction with delivery from UPS and USPS. DMP can also make recommendations on carriers. PS: I hold a BFA degree in Fine and Commercial arts, and I consider myself to be a good judge of quality relative to photographic work.

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