DigMyPics Review From Chapel Hill - Excellent service and output quality

I've always scanned my own photos and converted my videos to digital format myself. But it took so long and required such attention to detail that I hadn't done any in many years. I finally admitted to myself that I would never finish it so sent it all to DigMyPics. About 200 pics and 39 video tapes were processed in a few weeks. Their staff was very helpful and their process and communications were excellent. The website explains everything in great detail. I requested a sample output video file to ensure that my editing software would handle it. A very pleasant experience. They shipped back my stuff and a USB drive containing all of the files. The photo and slide scanning was better than I expected (and much better than I could do myself). Video files are full resolution and standard AVI format.I can now finish editing a lifetime of videos before my own lifetime is over.

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