DigMyPics Review From Bristow, VA - Looking back 54 years!

When we got married, we thought we were quite modern, switching from drugstore photographs to 35mm slides and Super 8 movies. The trouble is, we haven't seen these images in decades! I finally made the effort to dig out some of these treasures and sent them off to be digitized. How great it is to see the wide-eyed smile on our son's face when he realized that legs were for standing on! How cute to see our daughter reveling in an abundance of tomatoes from our first vegetable garden! And the slides were fabulous: was that really me in that bee-hive hair-do? And that guy I honeymooned with looks like a teenager! The DigMyPics process was quicker and easier than I expected. I am busy backing up the images now, and soon I will be surprising the kids with copies for their birthdays. Little by little, I expect to get more sets done. The grandchildren have NEVER seen any of these, and should be very amused!

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