DigMyPics Review From Palm Springs, CA - Just WOW!

I had 10 reels of 8mm film previously converted by another lab, those films came back so-so at best. They looked washed out, with little contrast, and visible dust spots throughout the images. Bottom line they just looked dull, and frankly I was a bit embarrassed to give those copies to my relatives as presents last year. But since none of us have an 8mm projector it was the only way we'd ever see them. Then this past Thanksgiving I found that my sister had a box of 10 more reels of 8mm film shot by my Dad. The film had been stored in a couple different basements for 40 years, then it spent a few years in a cardboard box hidden in a corner of my sister's garage in New Mexico. I decided to do a test run with digmypics, I sent in one 400' 8mm reel shot back in 1961. I hadn't seen the images on the reel since probably about 1965 or so. Lots of life events happened between then and now. Being that this film had not been treated with the greatest of care, my expectations were low. When I got the e-mail showing the film had been converted, I watched it.... I was not expecting the amazing clarity, the vibrant color, ASTOUNDING quality and the unbelievable job done with this film. I was shocked to see how good it looked. The only thing not there was the click, click, click (and an occasional burned out bulb) of my Dad's projector, they weren't missed. The video is me at the age of 4, it's the only memories I have from back that far. I can't thank you enough for bring this back to life for me. BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! You guys are the BEST.

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