DigMyPics Review From Largo - Quality work!

My dad had a passion for filming every event he could going back to the late 70s. By the early 80s he had a camera he could film directly to VHS and he captured almost every holiday and family event into the 90s. I was able to digitize all the VHS films for him and my mom as a Christmas gift last year but the older films they had were on super8. I tried converting myself with a wolverine device but the blue from the LED light was just so overpowering that every film came out completely saturated in blue I was almost ready to give up till I found this website and decided to take a shot and see how it would turn out. I will admit I was nervous about sending the only copies of their super8s but I really wanted to get this done before Christmas. Needless to say Daniel who I worked with and his teammates did an awesome job! Also my parents wedding from 1977 shot by my uncle was really dark due to the church and reception hall not having much light. I informed them of this and said anything you guys can do to lighten it so it's watchable would be appreciated. They did it and there's a huge difference it what it was. I am so pleased with the work they did and I cannot wait to add some music over this and the audio track for the wedding and present it to my parents for Christmas they are going to love it they haven't seen these films since probably the early 80s.

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