DigMyPics Review From Watertown, WI - Will Use Them Again

I chose Digmypics mostly as a result of a Wirecutter article naming them as one of the three best photo scanning services. The author tested several services in a disciplined, unbiased way and Digmypics rose to the top. After my father's passing, my siblings and I wanted to digitized hundreds of photos and slides from my parents. There were two batches desired by different siblings. The staff kept my photos organized just as I had requested which was important to me. They were able to scan several formats including one highly important photo of my grandmother in her youth that was in an old and attractive paper frame. The company website guided me through the details. It is organized and provides easy to understand content. The staff asked me clarifying questions through the process and kept me updated on their progress. The only disappointment was a question to the receptionist about adding metadata to the photo files. Many of the physical photos had notations on the back noting names, places and events. I was having trouble figuring out how to save this with the digital copies such that they could be seen on either Mac or PC platforms. The receptionist could not help me with this--a little surprising. It took me several hours to find the answer on the net. Perhaps it's just a training issue. Overall, I am pleased and will be using their service in the future for 8mm films and for my own photo collection. They offer good value in photo scanning.

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