Outstanding in Every Way

I cannot adequately express how grateful my family and I are for this service. We had prints going back to the 1940's scanned and the entire process not only averted my anxiety over all the family photos being with a 3rd party; but the results are breathtaking. The price was very reasonable ... most particularly after I received the digital copies and compared to my own previous scanning attempts. The process was wonderful as there were a couple folks at the facility who would email me with questions (ex. we found some lose items in your parents wedding album, would you like them scanned?"). They were incredibly kind and detail oriented to be sure. I researched every major scanning service online as well as many local options. I selected Digmypics for a number of technical reasons, but ultimately it was the customer testimonials that codified my decision. I am a full time technology expert and was very happy to read their discussion about effective DPI/PPI, the types of scanners they use, and their web portal that allows you to monitor live. All outstanding. I believe that this is the third product/service I have ever written a testimonial for. Being a member of Gen-X, it takes a lot for me to write something like this and let me tell you - I'll be writing another when we get my wife's side of the family all scanned. Thank you to you all. Most sincerely.

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