DigMyPics Review From Breckenridge, CO -

So far I have had them transfer over 5000 precious and irreplaceable family photos on CD's and I couldn't be more pleased with their professional handing. I insure the actual photos for a good deal of money, just to be sure Fed ex is paying attention with the delivery from me to them, and they do the same when they return them. And it is such a pleasure having my photos downloaded onto my computer, with the original CD's now safe I my safety deposit box. I started the process before the fires in California, but after hearing all those families say that the hardest thing they had to bear wasn't losing their homes, and all that was in it, but losing the irreplaceable memories of the photos. My winters project is to sore the rest of our photos and to have them all done by the same company. And then the movies as well. I have expanded the memory on my computer, and they scan through every 20 as my screen saver. I often find children and grandchildren mesmerized by the memories.

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