DigMyPics Review From Murrells Inlet, SC - Beyond Words

I just watched the DVD of the converted video cassette which is of my son when he was approximately 2 years old (he is 27 now). There are no words to describe the emotions that I felt watching him as a little one bouncing all over the place and singing songs to me. The bonus on the video was of my sons father who passed away quite a few years ago. I knew there were other tapes but I hadn't seen them in years. After tearing apart my closet I found 14 more. Some of them will have video of my parents who passed away over 14 years ago. I can't thank you enough for your excellent service, from keeping me informed of the receipt of the tape to the completion of the conversion, to the shipping back to me, which was very quick and mostly for the quality of the DVD. This is an unbelievable treasure and for a few minutes watching I was taken back to a place that I thought I'd never see again except for in my mind. Thank you.

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