DigMyPics Review From Manteca - satisfaction with service

I wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with your services. I recently sent in and received back a number of slides and negatives that you processed onto discs. The quality of what I received was beyond expectations. What you did with 60+-year old slides was amazing! I also felt like the service was very personalized in that you sent emails asking questions to refine my order. I like how you kept me informed all along of where the process was and the ability to view and save the pictures once paid for. I never felt like this was just a mass-production company. I have recommended you to a friend, who will be using your services. I will also let my computer guy know how pleased I am. I also like your 20% deletion option. I sent a few examples to my friend, and she asked what I did to them---editing after receiving. I said “Nothing!” Thank you!

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