DigMyPics Review From Ridgefield - Outstanding! No Need To Worry - This Is The Right Place To Process Your Old Films & Photos

I did a tremendous amount of research on the best place to process my dad's old 8MM films. They were taken back in 1947 though 1967. Since these were extremely valuable memories, I wanted to make sure they were handled with the proper care and wouldn't be damaged in any manner. I decided on DicMyPics based on my research and reading the reviews. In addition to reading through all the information on their website, I called them to see if I could actually speak to someone about the process before sending them my films. I spoke with Daniel who answered all my questions and reassured me all would go fine. Imagine that, actually talking to a person versus just emails! Daniel and the rest of the Company did an OUTSTANDING job in every step of the process. They kept in constant communication with me so I knew exactly where they were in the development. They worked efficiently so I was able to soon review the films on-line. They were better than I ever thought they would be. After some minor tweaks to the on-line versions - to make some sections even lighter which they happily did - I finalized my order. Shortly after that, I received my new DVD's and all my old films back in better shape than I sent them! Daniel was my contact throughout the entire process and was just great. I strongly encourage you to give DigMyPics a chance - you will not regret it. I recommend them highly!

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