DigMyPics Review From Monticello, IL - Scanning 1864 35mm slides

I received the digital .jpg files today on 3 DVDs. For a number of reasons I can't praise them enough. I sent them 1864 35mm slides in a box all jumbled up. They are some of the slides from 5 decades of my life and I'm 74 years old. Age has provided to me patience and the need/ability to be courteous at all times. From the time I sent the slides to the time I received the slides and digital scans back was 60 days. I do not find this to be a problem at all. I owned a company employing hundreds of employees, and hated customers demanding I expedite their orders. I only manufactured quality and would never budge. If I didn't sell the best quality I was able, then I had nothing to sell. These people think the same. The physical slides I received upon return were bundled and labeled corresponding to the numbered digital folders that held the scanned images. i.e. If there was a single digital image of which I needed the 35mm slide source, I could easily find it. Can't say enough good thing about the people and service. BTW my older brother has been communicating with me about this, and he has 90,000 35mm slides that remain to be digitized about his lifetime. He has personally scanned 10,000 over the years buy got old and tired. Thank you so much: Bruce Vetter, Monticello IL

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