DigMyPics Review From Columbia, MD - Beyond expectations!

I have over 3000 slides from my parents spanning almost 30 years of our family memories. I once tried to scan them myself but it was too big of a job and I wasn't getting good image quality with store bought scanners. I was reluctant to just send all of these invaluable slides to some random place and take the risk of losing them or having them damaged. I found digmypics online and finally decided to give it a shot. Wow! They were very responsive and clearly know what they're doing! The website made it easy to place my order and everything went smoothly. They even responded quickly to my email when I found a handful of slides after my original shipment to them. No sweat, they added them right into the order. I loved being able to track progress and see the scans as they progressed. In the end I have soft copy, printed album and online download of all 3444 pictures! I ordered three sets so I can surprise my mom and sister. I can't express enough how happy I am to finally have these slides come back to life and I have digmypics to thank for it. One of my main concerns was getting the slides returned in order so that they stay organized. I received my shipment and sure enough everything was returned exactly as how I sent them. They took every single slide out of it's plastic sleeve to do the job and put them back in the same order. I'm very happy with the results and I strongly recommend digmypics to anyone wanting to bring old memories back to new life!

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