DigMyPics Review From Drexel Hill, PA - Convert 35mm Slides To Digital Format

Between 1962 and 1978 most of my photos were developed into 35mm slides, which were outstanding but required a lot of preparation to display the images on a large screen, using an electric slide projector. The end-result was that the photos were rarely displayed. Fast forward to 2018, and I sent 660 slides to DigMyPics to be converted to a digital format. The result is excellent. I am particularly impressed to find that some of the images that I thought were of marginal clarity have been enhanced by the conversion process. For example: Images of a Mexican sarape weaver which contains various shades of gray wool, now has new life because the different shades of color are now much clearer. Images of bullfights taken by an ordinary 35mm camera are impaired by the reflective sunlight on the bull ring, but the digital images enhance the clarity of the toro and the toreador (to the extent possible). A number of the images on the slides were faded by excess light. After conversion to digital format, some of them were greatly enhanced. I made one mistake. I neglected to order a thumbnail album to serve as a "Table of Contents" of the discs. The thumbnail album is a "must" for this type of DVD. Fortunately, it was a mistake that was easily corrected by a phone call.

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