DigMyPics Review From Portland Oregon - You Are Only Going to Do This Once - Do it Here

In short, very high quality work by an attentive and helpful staff. There may be a places where you could save a few cents per slide or foot of film. Don't do it. Send it here and get it done right. I sent Super 8 film my dad took of my kids 30+ years ago. I was discouraged when I was editing it because the quality looking through the editor didn't seem very good. Wrong. The result was exceptional. Also the ability to organize and label the sections on line was extremely helpful. Also sent in 500 slides. Again exceptional quality. I didn't think I would want to delete any slides but after viewing on line I ended up deleting more than I expected. And when a few slides were out of order (probably my fault) they were cheerfully and promptly reorganized, no problem. And you can call and talk to them on the phone! Communication was extraordinary (I am running out of superlatives). I couldn't be happier.

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