DigMyPics Review From Portales, NM - My Most Favorite Business on Planet Earth!!!

First things first: I am not a person prone to exaggeration. I'm a detail-oriented, pithy type. That being said, I am about to effuse about www.digmypics.com, and every bit of what I say is true, and should likely be amplified by all caps, emboldened, italicized and highlighted writing. But I digress. I would trust this company 100% with ANY treasured family document/photo/slide/whatever, and I have done just that. Twice: once for all the slides/photos of my parents' 50 years of marriage to be converted to digital files/new photos for their 50th wedding anniversary a few years ago, and just recently for 11 VHS tapes I had converted to DVDs. When you use this company, they are with you from the boxing up of all your items (directions and forms are on their website/they have you identify everything in writing), through the shipping, during the conversion (accessible online), and through the return shipment (I even sent my Mom's old slides in a Tupperware container and they returned it!). They are TOP NOTCH. I should add that I sent 11 VHS tapes two weeks ago and already have them back with 11 DVDs. If you convert pictures to a digital format, they will send you those digital files as links (via email/web link), as well as mailing you copies of the photos, if you like. LOVE this company. If I had to box up/mail my firstborn to a company, this is the only company to whom I would entrust such a responsibility (but, no, I'm not doing that - don't worry). They are THAT GOOD. <3

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