Thank God I sent my slides to Digmypics

You more than exceeded my expectations. I have 3 batches of 50 year old slides and I sent my first batch to scancafe and was very disappointed about dark slides, some almost black. I am extremely pleased about how my slides came out and the great colors that were brought out in each and every one of my 465 slides. I will definitely be sending you the final batch of slides which may be up to 1000 slides. The only thing I would change if I could is when the slides were sent back to me there were two pictures on each screen. This may be because I had so many slides. But it prevented me from seeing them big with all details. I just took a leap of faith and accepted all of them and when I got the completed link, the pictures were beautiful. And next time I hope you communicate with me more often when I am waiting, just a simple "we are working on your order" would be enough for reassurance. It took a while because I had so many slides. Thank you for being a great company. I chose right this time and am very happy with my digital pictures.

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