DigMyPics Review From Geneva, Oh - My Dig My Pics Experience

This is actually the third time I am using the Dig My Pics Transfer Service. All three times the final outcome was totally satisfying. The service was fast and the support staff was extremely helpful. I had two rolls of film that were extremely dark and I had never seen them before. Unfortunately dig my pics was not able to brighten the film for viewing, but they told me that I would not be charged for these rolls even though I had asked them to try. Whenever I had a question the response was quick, courteous and acted upon. The DVD's look like I just took them yesterday. The only problems are my mistakes of focus and not enough light. As I said this is my third batch of film and I have another batch being processed as I write this. I also have many old reels from my father-in-law dating back to the early 1950's. The enhancing is fantastic and the price is very reasonable especially when you can once again see the memories of the past brought back that you thought were lost forever. Thank you very much, John Barmess

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