8mm and different sizes of vcr tapes

I sent a messy box full of tapes (about 9 hrs worth) that we haven't been able to view for a generation. We have had several deaths in the family over the last decade and so the recordings kept being thrown into a common box as we cleaned out the estates of the deceased. What a wonderful gift for my whole extended family! My nephew added music over the silent film and edited so that we have highlights in chronological order; a 3 hr family history. And the best part is he put it on Youtube.com so I have already shared it with cousins from coast to coast. What a joy! I got responses from my loved ones like "That was the best Christmas present I ever, ever recieved". Thank you to the staff at DIGMYPICS. What a great service you provide! Thank you for taking my several phone calls with a helpful and knowledgable human. Thank you for your accuracy and your speed and your careful handling of precious cargo. I am telling ALL my friends and family about you!

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