DigMyPics Review From Los Altos, CA - High quality, fast, and highly responsive

I was desperate. Having spent months whittling down the hundreds of slides taken during my Air Force tour, I now had just two weeks before the squadron reunion where I wanted to distribute a DVD with the best of the pictures. None of the local slide conversion services could handle the job on such short notice. Digmypics' website looked like they might be able to but I had no previous experience with their quality and speed. Am I glad that I decided to give them a try! The resulting DVD captured the images beautifully and the staff fielded my questions and concerns with impressive professionalism. They not only rushed the job through on time but also added the Air Force song and other patriotic music, synchronizing the last note of the last song perfectly with the last image. My teammates were delighted to receive the collection that brought back so many 50-year-old memories with vivid clarity. Our thanks to everyone at Digmypics who made this wonderful gift possible!

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