DigMyPics Review From Berkley, MI - digitized slides

I chose digmypics to digitize about 40 slides that I took in 1970. Since it was such a small number, I was willing to take a chance, and wouldn't be devastated if something went wrong. As it turned out NOTHING went wrong. The best part was that I could pick up the phone and talk to a REAL person. As a senior citizens, that was very important. I was notified as soon as my slides arrived at their facility. They had one question. I was able to call digmypics and talk to someone. (Sorry I forgot to write down the name) The young woman was able to look at my order and explain the question I had received. I answered it and all was taken care of. As soon as I hung up I knew everything would be fine. A few days later I was notified that my sides were ready for review. I chose to keep all of them. After a few more days they were being shipped and I could download them onto my computer. I have a Mac and read they warning that I might not be able to download from the website. As it turned out I was able to download with no problems and was able to use the pics right away to continue my project. Thank you digmypics! I will be sending the rest of my slides very soon!

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