DigMyPics Review From Laguna Niguel, CA - 481 slides and 2 negatives look great!

Based on a recommendation from The Wirecutter, I spent a couple of weeks editing down slides that I wanted to digitize, and sent them to DigMyPics. They look great! Cleaned up nicely, but no evidence of over processing...better than I expected. Excellent sharpness and color correction. (Agfa slides started out a bit lush; some Ektachromes had faded; all looked way better after digitizing). I rejected a couple dozen slides that were not as interesting when viewed more closely. DigMyPics was good at customer service also, answering quickly when needed. My only complaint...estimated time was very optimistic. With 2 day shipping each way, it was almost 6 weeks total. These were slides from the 1970's and 1980's, so I had no reason to rush now, but the expected turn around was much less for an order of this size, and I think it would be good to be upfront about that. Thank you to everyone at DigMyPics!

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