DigMyPics Review From Gallatin - Super 8 Film to Electronic Media

I had about 2200 feet of Super 8 film to convert to electronic media. I was very nervous about sending off my film which is over 40 years old and includes quite a few childhood memories. Nevertheless, I bit the bullet and shipped it away. Everything went as smooth as silk. I was able to track my package until it was delivered to DigMyPics and from that point on, the company kept me up to date throughout the process. Within just a few days, I was able to see my movies online for the first time in years. I accepted my videos and paid the charge and my originals arrived back at home safe and sound along with my electronic media. I work as a Six Sigma Black Belt in my current job, so I am very critical of process or the lack thereof. DigMyPics did a fantastic job and the process from my perspective went as well as it could possibly go and I am extremely pleased.

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