DigMyPics Review From Reston, VA - Thank you!

The work you did on my photos was impressive. These photos had faded badly over time (some were over 40 years old), or were overexposed or otherwise wanting in the first place. Thanks to you, these photos are now bright, vivid, and frequently look much better than the original prints. Despite the different sizes of prints I had submitted, I was pleased to see they weren't cropped into some uniform size. And since they are now digitized, I was able to see them enlarged with enough quality to make out details I had never seen in the smaller original prints. I was also impressed by your promptness in performing the work, the ability to change my mind about including some of the prints in the final order, and in how well the photos were repackaged when they were returned to me. Please pass on my thanks to Janina, Ashley, and Will for doing such a fine job on my order.

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