DigMyPics Review From Fairview, NC - First Rate

I recently had a collection of slides dating from the late 1950's and early 1960's scanned by digmypics for a commemorative book I'm creating for my Mom's 90th birthday. Where do I begin? The on-line order process was quick and intuitive and one of the things that attracted me to digmypics over other services. Once I shipped off these priceless (to my family, anyway) slides, digmypics was in regular contact, letting me know they'd safely arrived, when they were being scanned, and when they'd been finalized. Perhaps most impressive was the difference between the initial scans and the final scans. Obviously, someone on the digmypics team (Richter, possibly?) spent a lot of time optimizing the images. The original slides were far from perfect and suffered from a lot of common issues, including overexposure, underexposure and just general fading from age. The digmypics team brought out the very best in each image: balancing the exposure, rendering realistic skin tones, punching up the color in a natural way. In short, they restored the vibrancy of these images. I would highly recommend digmypics to anyone who is considering having their photographs or slides scanned. Thanks again for an excellent service. Best, Brad Campbell

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