DigMyPics Review From Reno, NV - I DIG my pics!

I headed from Reno to AZ for vacay with close to 2,500 photos in my carry-on bag and hand delivered this "precious cargo" straight to DigMyPics in Gilbert. This company was exemplary every step of the way; they scanned my images (a large order) in about a week and sent email notification to view right away. I dropped the ball in not previewing my order for several weeks, yet when I called the company to apologize, they graciously allowed more time for me to check out the images and select up to 20% to discard. After finalizing my order, they mailed my original boxes of photos and the digital media CD's back in record time...my gazillion pics were still in perfect order and the scanned images have wonderful color and clarity.. I wouldn't think of using any other photo scanning/video transfer service; DigMyPics is perfect in every way!

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