DigMyPics Review From Rock Hill - Quality, service, personal attention

I was surprised that our local drug stores do not have a service to make pictures out of slides, alas, old slides from the 1960s are passe. Online search led me to digmypix and called for guidance. I wish to remember the reps name, maybe Karen, maybe not. She was johnney of the spot helful and I mailed the slides that day in hopes of surprising my husband of 52 years with pictures of early years at University of Oklahoma and from our wedding. We had NO pix of our wedding. After our zippy and fun Mom died at 93 my incredible sister sifted her house dutifully. She is scientific, organized and a swell sister. When she found slides she sent them to me in a surprise package and viola! I have a disc now with wedding pictures and days of yore. The DVD is top quality, the pictures that I made at CVS are top quality and I now can look and laugh on the computer, one my phone and in an album. We have had an interesting, academic and engaging married life and to savor the day of our marriage is truly fun. I sent notes by email, received timely responses and am delighted with the service of this quality business.

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