DigMyPics Review From Jackson, MS - Wish I had done this sooner

DMP made the scary process of sending off my APS,old video tapes,and cassettes much much easier. When my box got there I was informed immediately! At each stage they let me know what was next. The quality of my disks are great (especially considering what they had to work with). After I got the disks and checked them, I called to ask about getting extra copies of a few disks and in 2 minutes or less was done. The extra disks were on their way to me in 2 hours and 6 minutes. I had no problem with the time it took to scan my stuff to digital! It was not long at all, but still this is not something you should wait to do if you need the disks done and back in 2-3 days -- that is ridiculous. I couldn't be more pleased. the holders they send the disks back in are great to store the disks permanently. Thank you DMP!!

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