DigMyPics Review From Pawtucket, RI - Quality of pictures

It is very scary to send off family photos that are an important part of your memories for fear that they'll be lost. Dig My Pics kept me in the loop of each phase of their production from receipt of the pictures to scanning, to shipping the pictures back. I particularly liked the ability to review each picture they scanned to accept or discard it. The images were high quality and in many cases seemed better than the photos that I sent! I didn't discard a single photo. Dig My Pictures scanned 600 pictures for me, sending them back to me within 3 weeks along with the DVDs, and providing a link to download all the pictures to my photo software. The quality of the digital images is exceptional - I can't tell the difference between them and digital photos I download directly from my camera. I HIGHLY recommend Dig My Pictures digitize your memories.

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