DigMyPics Review From Albany, NY - Wish I had done this sooner.

My mom used slides for years and when she came to live with us after my dad died so did the many trays of slides. This winter I pulled out the boxes and went through all of the slides and picked out ones that would tell the family story from mom's point of view. After searching on the web for someone to transfer them to DVD I came across this site. I read over and over again testimonials that were so happy with what they received so I too sent my precious slides to digmypics. The dvds arrived today and I too am more than happy with what I received. I ordered copies for my girls and my brother and tonight I watched them (again) with one of my daughters. It was a surprise gift to her and she thoroughly enjoyed it. I am so pleased with how they look, with the choice of music, with the printed book and with having the ability to make prints. Thank you so much, I only wish I had been able to do this before my mom died.

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