DigMyPics Review From San Francisco, CA - What a WONDERFUL service!

Excellent service - start to finish I throughly recommend Digmypics - I had a ~700 print job to be scanned and sent the pics off all in bundles by year. Kathryn (yes you get to know the name of the person working on your project) took the time to scan then in the EXACT order in my bundles - putting each year in a separate digital folder. I got an email telling me the work had begun and could the progress every day. I was able to download the images when completed and when my prints arrived back, they were all bagged in the original bundles (including the hairbands I'd used when sending them out). My only previous experience of using a service like this was ScanCafe - in relative terms DigMyPics gets a 5star rating - ScanCafe gets a negative 5 star! DigMyPics was better quality, much clearer communication during the process and much more attention to detail. Oh - and by the way I am not being paid to write this :-)

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